Exploring the Path of Ideological and Political Construction in Courses under the “One Body, Two Wings” Model - Taking the Course of Engineering Law Principles and Practice as an Example

Di Tong, Xiaojing Liu


The comprehensive advancement of ideological and political construction in university courses is a significant strategic move to thoroughly implement the important educational directives of General Secretary Xi Jinping and to fulfill the fundamental task of moral education. Universities should deepen educational and teaching reforms, thoroughly explore the ideological and political resources of courses, fully leverage the educational role of each course, and comprehensively improve the quality of talent training. The course on Engineering Law Principles and Practice has explored and practiced the path of ideological and political construction in courses. With the “One Body, Two Wings” model as the construction approach, it explores the path of ideological and political construction in this course. Focusing on student development, the course unfolds teaching through innovative application in teaching and value shaping for students as two wings. In terms of value shaping, it emphasizes not only exploring the ideological and political elements of the course in line with the actual situation of students but also requires teachers to lead by example and set a model for moral education. Additionally, establishing a scientific and effective evaluation system for the teaching effects of course ideological and political education ensures the effectiveness of the entire course’s ideological and political education. The teaching of the entire course enables students to not only learn knowledge and skills but also cultivate integrity, achieving the educational goals of the course.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjer.v11n1p9


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