Discussion on the Evaluation Method of University Physics Experiment Assessment Based on “4C” Ability Cultivation

Nan Wang, Yu Sun, LianPeng Song, JinSong Liu


Education evaluation concerns the direction of education development, what use evaluation command bar, what kind of school orientation. To develop students abilities in Creativity and Innovation, Critical-thinking and Problem-solving, Communication, Collaboration. From the general idea of “Improve the evaluation of results, strengthen the process evaluation, explore value-added evaluation and make full use of information technology”. Study of University Physical Experimental Assessment Methodology, divided the assessment evaluation into formative and final examination two parts, and explored formative assessment methods and final evaluation methods. The formative evaluation methods, including “pre-class preparation, class performance, experimental results” are proposed for most of the three, and the final evaluation of many forms of the examination, such as “written exam, work, virtual simulation, innovative physical work display, group reporting and replies”.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjer.v11n1p118


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