Changes in Teachers’ Classroom Instruction as a Result of Training in Computer Technology

Egoza Wasserman


This article presents a study that was carried out two years after teachers completed a training course in computerized instruction, entitled “Intel Education for the Future”. The purpose of the study was to measure the degree to which the teachers internalized the skills taught in the training course, thereby, assisting them in integrating the use of the computer in the classroom. For this purpose, certain parameters were chosen: the teacher’s method of working in the classroom, the effect of computer instruction on the students and the difficulties encountered upon integrating the computer in the classroom. The research tools were questionnaires and interviews. The main conclusion of the research was that the teachers successfully internalized the skills needed for the use of technology. Teachers are now using the computer to search for information suitable for worksheets and tests and for e-mailing their colleagues. Most of the teachers noted that the most useful tool for their work is the office program. The teachers pointed out that the use of computers raises the students’ motivation and improves their understanding of the material. They did not report any special difficulties in integrating the computer into their teaching methods.

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