Adopting and Implementing an E-Learning System for Teaching and Learning in Saudi Public K-12 Schools: The Benefits, Challenges, and Concerns

Ayshah Alahmari, Lydia Kyei-Blankson


Classera is an e-learning system that has been adopted for use in a variety of learning environments in K-12 schools in Saudi Arabia. The system can be integrated in online, blended, or traditional settings with the aim of improving teaching and learning and helping students connect with lesson content, teachers, and peers, and teachers connect with parents. The purpose of the current study is to examine the benefits, challenges and concerns surrounding the adoption and implementation of this system. An online survey was used to gather data from a sample of 70 teachers from the 12 schools in which Classera was originally piloted. The results of the study reveal high levels of teacher satisfaction with the use of Classera with benefits including easy delivering of content, facilitating student learning, and encouraging peer collaboration and teacher-parent communication. However, challenges and concerns surrounding issues such as teacher professional development, time for training, and Internet access still persist and need to be taken into consideration to ensure the successful adoption and implementation of Classera in all K-12 schools across Saudi Arabia.

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