Okonkwo’s Fall: Multiple Perspectives

T S Varadharajan, Dr. K. Ramesh


This article aims at exploring the causes of the fall of Okonkwo, the protagonist of the Nigerian Novel. Things Fall Apart by the renowned novelist, Chinua Achebe. Though the novel mainly deals with the fall of Igbo Culture where Okonkwo has played the sheet anchor role in the novel, Things Fall Apart at the hands of British establishment in Nigeria, the other vital reasons that make him vulnerable will also be discussed at length in this article. It is from the study of the novel, it is established that the Igbo society that refuses to change itself could be one of the reasons for the fall. However, it is very clear that the changes should take place spontaneously and not by force which the Igbo society has been the victim and the representative, Okonkwo its scapegoat. The writers of the article make sure that the reading of this article will be an eye opener in terms of Nigerian consciousness as revealed in the novel, Things Fall Apart.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjer.v3n1p151


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