An Association with the Participative Leadership Style Influence on Job Satisfaction and Affective Commitment and Continuous Head Junior High School in the City of Medan

Humuntal Banjarnahor


Commitment to the organization and job satisfaction was an indicator of the success principals in leading the school as an organization. Being good as an educator (affective commitment), accepting the norms and rules of the school (commitment normative) and willing to work hard for school (continuous commitments) are formed of loyalty of a principal. Good or not on a value of teaching and learning in school is influenced by the ability of the principal to manage each component of the school (who’s behind the school). The facts show that the commitment of a principal still tends to be low and the leadership has not been demonstrated into an achievement of a goal to improve the quality of the education itself. The other thing about the process of the recruitment of some teachers who had been given for additional duties as a principal has not been done well.

The goal of research: to investigate the relation on a participative leadership style (X1) and job satisfaction (X2) and the influence againsts the affective commitment (X3) and continuous (X4) of the principal in Medan. The analysis data technique was the analysis of regression and ways analysis. The samples research were 164 principals were selected randomly by using a random number of 348 heads of Junior high school in Medan. The instrument of data had taken consists of 14 items instruments X1,15­point X2, 16 items X3, and 16 grains of instrument X4 that meet the criteria, i.e., rij>0.30. The reliabilty Coefisient of each are: 0.83? 0.76? 0.77? and 0.82.

The description of an analysis turns out the average and standard deviation: 1=2,81? S1=0.91? 2=2.94? S2=0.89? 3=2.90? S3=0.80? 4=2.87? S4=0.76. Kolmogorove­Smirnove test turns all four normally distributed variable data. By taking it through the curve fit method and anova, the linear relations between variables and a row of data are independent. Hypothesis of test results turned out to be a participatory leadership and job satisfaction partially directly affect the significantly restricted ap affective commitment and continuous. As a concurrent job satisfaction does not function positively mediating on a participative leadership influenced on the affective and continuous commitment to junior high school principal in city of Medan. The Total direct influence participatory leadership of the affective and continuous commitment to junior high school principal city of Medan, respectively was 11.69%, 11.15%. The implications of the research, leadership style worthy of being part of the policy as teacher who was assigned as a recruitment for some teachers who was given things as principal, but it want to be called this way with the job satisfaction in Junior high school principal in Medan.

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