Teaching of Preschool Education in Private Universities under the Background of Professional Certification Research on Quality Control System—Take Xi’an Fan Yi University as an Example

Yuchi Li


The certification of normal school majors plays an important role in promoting the reform of college education and teaching. The teaching quality monitoring system should be optimized in accordance with the professional certification standards and follow the concept of professional certification. At present, the internal monitoring system of undergraduate teaching quality in normal education lacks the accuracy of the main teaching quality, the imbalance of quality monitoring, blind area in the monitoring process, lagging information feedback mechanism of teaching quality monitoring, and insufficient continuous improvement. Accordingly, optimization suggestions are proposed from the overall framework, objectives and system, process and evaluation, and continuous improvement: scientific planning, optimizing the overall framework of teaching quality monitoring system; require the certification standards, clarify the quality objectives and improve the monitoring system; improve the teaching quality monitoring process and evaluation; implement continuous improvement to ensure the steady improvement of teaching quality.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/eltls.v5n4p143


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