The Analysis of English Classroom Test in Senior High School

Qi Qinyi


Teaching and testing have been two crucial elements in education. They are complementary and mutually influential. As a part of senior high school English teaching, English language testing has been important in gauging students’ competence. Scientific and reliable classroom teaching tests and assessments can effectively help teachers achieve objectives, change pedagogical approaches, and continuously innovate their methods. Through the use of questionnaires and data gathered from 40 English teachers from senior high school, this paper found that there are still many problems in the senior high school English classroom tests, which are mainly manifested by arbitrary test planning, lack of logic and stratification in questions proposal as well as insufficient research on the washback. The reasons for this situation are mainly due to factors like teachers’ scant understanding of the educational function of classroom tests, the irrationality of the existing evaluation mechanism and inadequate knowledge of students. practical suggestions are made in this regard in order to maximize the value of English classroom assessments zzand facilitate a productive English teaching and learning environment in the future.

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