Perspectives on Language Teaching in the Philippines: Insights from a Chinese Practicum Student

Jiaolan Pan, Maria Sharron D. Ricamora


This study presents a comprehensive exploration of language teaching perspectives in the Philippines, utilizing the experiences of a Chinese practicum student. Immersed within the local educational landscape, this intern has gained unique insights into the dynamics of language education within a multicultural context. Employing interviews, observations, and reflective analysis, this research uncovers valuable information regarding the challenges and opportunities faced by language educators in the Philippines, along with the strategies employed to foster effective language learning.

The findings of this study constitute a significant contribution to the field of language pedagogy and cross-cultural teaching. They not only deepen our understanding of language education in the Philippines but also offer valuable insights for educators and researchers seeking to enhance language instruction in multicultural settings. Ultimately, this research endeavors to promote more effective teaching practices and advance intercultural competence in language education.

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