Students’ Challenges and Their Professional Development during Online Teaching Process in Albania

Dr. Emilda Roseni, Dr. Alnida (Shano) Koroshi


Global pandemic situation caused of COVID-19 brought challenges in every aspect of our lives. One of the greatest challenges in our country was educational institutions closure. Aleksandër Moisiu University-Durrës in Albania was one of the first higher education institutions that implemented online teaching through different platforms such as “Google Classroom”, “Google Meet”, and “Zoom”. Even though it was an unusual situation, both lecturers and students had to adapt these new but not easy conditions. The purpose of this research was to gather data from students’ opinions regarding the ability of Aleksandër Moisiu University to provide knowledge in the context of online learning and to examine students’ attitude towards exclusively online learning. This research was conducted using a qualitative methodology collecting data through focus groups held in Google Meet with 45 students studying in Bachelor and Master Degree programme, in the department of foreign languages at Aleksandër Moisiu University. Findings of the research will serve universities and policy makers when predicting improvements in educational system.

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