Integrating AR and VR in Teacher Education: What Pre-service Teachers Perceive

Jorge F. Figueroa-Flores, Lisa Huffman


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two of the most important technologies nowadays. Both had brought significant changes to education. Recognizing that these technologies have become two of the most powerful scaffolds in education is important to better train pre-service teachers with the use of these technologies. By doing so educator preparation programs provide opportunities for their candidates to practice newly learned skills, imagine new ways of thinking and teaching, and build confidence. At the same time is important to gather the pre-service teachers perceptions with the use of both technologies. This paper focuses on a research that sought to determine the perception of pre-service teachers with the use of AR and VR. It found that pre-service teachers believe in the potential of both technologies for the teaching and learning process and at the same time recognize the need to confront the lack of access and digital divide that students might face. It also showcases the need for more training, resources and research of these technologies in teacher education.

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