Pedagogical Efficacy of Connections-OG in 3-D®: A Reading Program Based on the Science of Reading

Carol Klages, Mary-Margaret Scholtens


No one disputes the importance of reading to life, career, and success. What is under debate is how to teach one to read. This research investigation analyzes the pedagogical efficacy of the Connections-OG in 3-D® reading program. Connections: OG in 3D® is a structured literacy curriculum that systematically teaches the entire structure of the English language. Each lesson provides direct, explicit instruction in the five components of reading, as outlined in the NRP Report (2000). Five elementary schools, in Arkansas and Missouri, used this program with fidelity to teach all their early elementary students how to read. The application of the Connections: OG in 3D® began in 2017 and continues to present day. Each school conducted its own assessments to determine student reading success. These assessments were collected, analyzed, and reviewed by sources outside the school district and Connections: OG in 3D®. The results of utilizing a structured literacy program based on the science of teaching reading is shared.

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