The Issue of Education in Post-Conflict Reconstruction through the Transitional Justice Process: The Case of Côte D’Ivoire

ASSAMOI Seraphim Desire


The inclusion of education in post-conflict reconstruction in a transitional justice process goes far beyond physical construction and educational facilities to become part of national educational planning and policy. The issue of education in post-conflict periods is at the level of the national education system in general and of educational policies and strategies in particular. In Côte dIvoire, as in other countries emerging from violent conflict, even if the issue of education can be identified in the structural and direct causes of the occurrence of conflicts, it must be recognized that the impact of these conflicts on education remains considerable at different levels. Thus, taking account of its consequences in post-conflict reconstruction in the context of transitional justice is of great interest both for its contribution to economic growth and for the promotion of fundamental human rights and social cohesion. A full involvement of education in the transitional justice process is a real potential for mutual reinforcement in the reconstruction process. Practical synergies between education and transitional justice call for closer collaboration between education and transitional justice actors.

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