Monotheism as an Acquired Feature or a Built-in Human Instinct

Radwan Mansour


In this era we, human beings upon earth, revolve around religious war, be it open or covert, in which every sect claims to own God. These symptoms of ownership have found expression in the past three thousand years, with the creation of the three major religions.

Is the phenomena of Monotheism new or archaic? And what is unique in “Druze” Monotheism in this context and in the context of their values and behavior?

Is Monotheism embedded in human nature and is a part of us or is it a need for or a mechanism to cope with the metaphysical, unexplained natural forces?

Thus, arose the choice to probe the phenomena throughout history and among cultures, and to seek context within population research and background.

Kristach describes the fear of death as the first mother of all idols, upon which the pleading of people for salvation, compassion and prayer is based to keep disasters away (Tahtah, 2009). Is Monotheism a given feature exogenous to humans or an acquired one as part of an evolving process that accompanies humans?

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