On the Application of Game in Primary School English Teaching

Song Jing, Zhu Fangrui


In our country, English teaching has always played an important role in primary school, middle school and even higher education. Especially in primary school, it is essential to cultivate students’ basic English literacy so as to lay a solid foundation for students’ English learning in the future. However, there are many problems in the process of English teaching in primary schools. A dramatic shift in the traditional notion of primary English teaching, especially the English teaching method, is unavoidable. Additionally, it is sensible to put game into practice. Based on the analysis of current problems existing in primary English teaching as well as its negative effects from the outset, this paper demonstrated the advantages and disadvantages of games in English teaching. It also studied the effective use of games in primary English classes. By adopting the ways of literature research, exploratory research and cases study, this paper provided more options and inspirations for English learners. What’s more, the student’s learning effort and interests will be driven by both game application and proper teaching methodology.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jecs.v3n2p202


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