Attitudes of Teachers towards Principal’s Evaluations and Its Effects on Their Teaching Performances

Raed Zedan


This research is a pioneer research, which examined the attitudes and feelings of teachers to the evaluation process they go through by their principals, and the effect that the principals’ evaluation of the teachers’ work has on their function and performances on both the pedagogic and didactic levels. Two hundred and seventy three Arab and Jewish teachers, who teach at different schools, have participated in the research. A structured questionnaire has been used in the current research.

Based on the literature review, seven hypotheses that produced the following findings have been formulated: the Jewish teachers express and report more positive standpoints toward the evaluation of the principals than Arab teachers. They also report that the principal conducts more evaluation processes than Arab teachers, moreover, they report that their managers make more use of the evaluation tools than Arab teachers. It was also found that the managers’ evaluation of teachers by conducting and implementing evaluation processes, improves the function and performances of the teachers on both pedagogic and didactic levels, the effect on the function of the Jewish teachers is higher than the function of the Arab teachers. Positive standpoints of teachers toward their managers’ evaluation of them, effect the teacher’s function and performances on both the pedagogic and didactic levels, regardless of nationality.

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