Emotion Managing among Nurse Educators

Yael Tal Hof


Most people do not consciously manage their emotions but arbitrarily that expressed in spontaneous behavior according to the person’s character and the situation he is in. Emotion is very complex. There are rational people and there are emotional people. Every person acts by these two “minds” every day. Minds that sometimes compete for attention and behavior. Sometimes emotion surpass thinking and vice versa. Emotion management is a deliberate, conscious act (Keidar & Yagoda, 2015).

In an interview of nurse educators at the Nursing School in the center of Israel, it was found that many emotions affect the work processes and coping with the duty tasks. The nurse educators’ staff have quite a difficult task with a lot of responsibility to be in teaching role and have target audience that is a student who will be the future nurse. The double role of a nurse and a teacher raise emotions in this team in its daily activities. The article will examine the arising emotions within their role and its reasons and how the organizational level can affect these emotions.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jecs.v3n3p266


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