Escorting and Feedbacking Lecturers in Building Lesson Plans Using PowerPoint Software in the Training Center for Nurses

Yael Tal Hof


One of the challenges of today’s lecturers in training centers for nurses is to teach large classes of over 60 students, maintain eye contact with students, ensure understanding, manage a structured lesson and change it according to the class mood. The lecturer must “feel” the class and, accordingly, conduct the lesson. The lecturer develops these skills over time and experience. Today, most of the lecturers prepare lesson plans using PowerPoint (PPT) presentations. It is a simple, user-friendly software that allows to combine images, videos, text, and graphs. In Israel, students learn to use this software even in elementary schools, but as lecturers there is a considerable gap using this tool, which affects the lecture’s efficiency and quality. New lecturers who use presentation in their lecture do not necessarily know how to properly build a presentation. This may lead to the lecturer and lesson’s low evaluation by the students, claiming the presentation is unclear, confusing, discontinuous. Therefore, the question is whether the organization inviting the lecturer has responsibility for the contents and the way of lecturing? Like a news anchor before reading the news, the editors check the content and how it is written, or before publishing a newspaper article it is reviewed and edited. In Ted lectures, the lecturers are the content experts and the knowledgeable, but before these lecturers go up to the stage and speak, media experts work with them on the presentation and clear and elegant message convey. Thus, it is possible to prevent or influence to a certain extent the lesson’s low assessment by students at least in part of using a presentation. The lecturer is part of the organization, which wants to convey a message to the students that the organization is serious, professional and relevant.

This article, will present three new lecturers in one of the largest academic training centers in Israel for nurses, who have prepared lesson plans of their choice using PowerPoint (PPT) software. The problems arose in the presentations preparation will be presented, and as a result, the importance that the academic training center will provide support in feedback to improve lesson plans using this tool before entering the lecture.

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