The New Challenge of Education Value and Limits of Distance Learning Today

Annalisa Grammegna


Covid 19 has brought economy, development and culture to its knees, the cornerstones of every nation. Internationally, Italy appears to be among the first countries to be infected, red areas signs regions from north to south, there is a real war. Every single individual appears destabilized, deprived of freedoms, compressed by reasons of collective health. Maintaining serenity in the family context appears difficult in this moment that has also taken away the possibility of honoring death by crying their dead.

In this scenario “we are all aware of the challenge that the country is facing and in order to mitigate the situation of social isolation connected to the drama we are experiencing, the school is on the front line. The culture it is considered a decisive factor for our country to know how to fight overcome and win the battle in course”, says the note of Ministry of Education. The school imposes itself in the life of families in a new context, the home walls with the digital teaching, the fulcrum of this research, to allow teachers to maintain interaction ad instance with the pupil. The present research aims to highlight strengths and limitations of distance teaching, giving voice, through a specific questionnaire, to parents and pupils of sample classes in Naples. The results emerged testify to the undisputed role of the human teacher / learner relationship and the need for support the school audience with computer literacy, providing telematic means and tools.

This is to guarantee today the right to education for all in full respect of art. 3 and 34 of the Italian constitution.

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