Research on the Application of Art Therapy into College Art Teaching in the Context of COVID-19 Prevention and Control

Chen Yueqin


Art therapy employ art symbols to externalize an individual’s psychology, emotion, personality and subconsciousness. Thus, it is widely applied in psychological consultation and treatment as well as clinical treatment of physical and mental diseases, whereas the study of integrating art therapy into art teaching among colleges and universities is rarely seen. To this end, this study, aimed at the psychological behavior and problems of college students who are prone to worry, dysphoria, fear, melancholy and irritability after the outbreak of COVID-19 in spring 2020, carries out the application research of integrating art therapy into college art teaching, in attempt to alleviate their psychological distress caused by the epidemic and assist them to establish a psychological defense mechanism for addressing future similar catastrophic events while inculcating art knowledge, and further develop the art teaching mode of “art therapy integrated into art teaching”.

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