Management Styles - Management Combines

Boushara Waked Najar


A manager who wants to be a good manager must choose a management style that suits him and the atmosphere that surrounds him so that he can match the situation. A good manager is a manager who handles the design and construction of the team that surrounds him, and he must also handle his organizational processes in order to achieve the desired goals. The characteristics of the manager that he must know how to produce a group atmosphere and cooperation. Also he should have a balanced self-vision. (Management of inadequate reasons and treatment, Edges, 1979). A good manager should be interested in having his organization run in a way that allows him the cooperation and the teamwork and it is important that the manager should be one of the team members. Research Question: How do care managers to combines people and tasks in different Organizations? The good and effective manager is the one who can manage his organization in cooperation between the employees and he needs to have an interrelationship between them and that he believes in his team, he must also provide them with the best professional conditions for the success of the organization and the tasks. Therefore, an effective and integrated manager will have the ability to cooperate and be able to lead people and motivate them instead of managing them and imposing tasks on them and carrying out the tasks out of subordination and fear.

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