A Study on the Practice of Folk Dance Culture in Kindergarten

Jiaying Li, Chen Jiang, Jingyi Wang, Xingyue Yang, Rui Jin, Haojuan Lu


China is characterized by a long history of development and a rich and colorful national culture. Folk dance culture shines in the field of excellent traditional culture. However, the progress of social development has led to the gradual extinction of folk dance. Preschool education, as the beginning stage of education in a person’s life, is a favorable time to embrace folk dance culture. By integrating folk dance into the stage of preschool education, it is conducive to carry forward the traditional culture of the nation and fostering national self-confidence and national pride in children while passing on the excellent traditional culture. Therefore, it is urgent to explore the path of combining folk dance culture with early childhood education.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jecs.v7n3p38


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