Children and Youth at Risk

Usama Heib


Youth dropout is a worldwide phenomenon, that needs to be addressed extensively. Due to a lot of reasons especially within the family; teens tend to dropout from schools. Israel is one of these societies where children dropout from school in a worrisome percentage. So, the awareness on the youth dropout from school problem has increased in the last decade. Dealing with this phenomenon poses a challenge to the Israeli society and to the authorities responsible for educational services. Findings showed that certain groups among the Israeli population are at a higher risk of dropping out from school compared to other groups. Many teenagers from these groups do not complete their high school studies and are unable to integrate in a qualitative and significant manner in the army and the labour market. With no doubt, the consequences of dropping out of the education system have a significant impact of the young generations of citizens. Therefore, preventing the problem of dropout and helping the youths to get back into the loop is a tremendous challenge to the Israeli education system.

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