On the Translation Strategies of Chinese Verbs in Aerial China: Jiangxi from the Perspective of Chinese-English Comparison

Haimei Chen


Chinese is a verb-dominated language, while English is a noun-dominated language. In Chinese-English translation, Translators must deal with Chinese verbs based on the characteristics of English. Through analyzing the subtitle of Aerial China: Jiangxi, it found that translators have used different translation strategies to translate Chinese verbs into English. When dealing with Chinese verbs, translators mainly adopt the following strategies: translating Chinese verbs into English nouns, Translating Chinese verbs into English prepositions, and translating part of verbs of serial verb construction into English non-predicate forms. It is hoped that this article can provide reference for the translation of Chinese verbs in Chinese-English translation.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jecs.v5n4p40


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