Unraveling the Attitude—Acquisition Conundrum in Learning English as a Second Language (L2) in Cameroon

Vincent A. Tanda, Joan Mapeh Eposi


This study set out to unravel the attitude—acquisition conundrum exhibited by Francophone Cameroonians in the learning of English as a second language (L2). It submits that notwithstanding the widely negative attitude they hold of English and the Anglophone Cameroonians who speak the language,  this negativism seems not, more recently, to blight their quest to learn and use the English language when necessary. The paper contends that albeit that Francophone Cameroonians overtly show a disdain for the English language, they at the same time recognize its role as a window to the global world.

They also recognize that even within Cameroon knowing English will give them a competitive edge into the professional schools in the country and also to the few jobs opportunities that exist.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/selt.v6n1p12


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