Semantic Structure of the Lexeme “litso” and the Lexeme “a face”

Galina Vasilievna Klimenko


The article introduces a new approach in linguocognitology based on the semantic analysis of the lexemes, which may become perspective in the studies of the triad: language-personality-national world view. The papers determines the aim—the research of the semantic structure of the lexemes, and the object—common neutral words “litso” and “a face”. The author analyzes semantic, national-cultural and cognitive parametres of these lexemes. The development of derived meanings based on metaphors and metonymy are describes. A set of methods are used: the method of the analysis of the vocabulary definitions, the component analysis, the comparative method and cognitive interpretation of the data obtained. The anticipated results provide an opportunity to understand and explain the world view in multisystem languages. This research has both theoretical and practical value.

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