The Implementation of Interactive Comprehensible Written Input-Output Instruction in Teaching Writing of English

Cucu Sutarsyah, Hery Yufrizal


The long term goal of this research is to prove the effect of input and output means in the theory of Second Language Acquisition. The input-output means has been proven to be able to influence the process of second language acquisition (Izumi et al., 1999). A comprehensible approach called Interactive Input-Output Instruction Written designed and developed to maximize input obtained through reading materials that were then used to produce meaningful paper or essay. Assuming that there was a problem with the ability of students to use the language, especially in terms of ability to write, which is important for every students of English, type of learning in a group can be used to benefit the students to get input from the reading process to influence their writing skills. In groups, the students were given a writing assignment that must be completed. This writing task brings a bias problem solved by recourse through the reading process. Therefore, the reading was done with a purpose and contribution of each member in the group is very helpful in completing the task of writing. The study involved 36 students who attend Mathematics English courses in the first semester of academic year 2016/2017. The students were given the opportunity to process narrative and anecdotal text, made text reconstruction, paragraph predicting continued, wrote prediction, give and receive feedback and make revisions. The results show there significant difference between students’ ability to write comprehensible Written before implementation Interactive Input-Output Instruction and after implementation comprehensible Written Interactive Input-Output Instruction. Of the five aspects of writing, the students obtained an increase in value in terms of content and organization. The predictive ability of students is quite high as evidenced by the nine groups that made predictions, five groups could do exactly.

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