The Particle ??: A Key Aspect to Fathom in Translation with Special Reference to the Holy Quran

Eyhab Abdulrazak Bader Eddin, MCIL, CL


Cognizant of the deep chasm between the actual semantics of the particle ?? and the superficial way it is understood and thus translated, I have decided to devote this study to minutely examine the two types of ??. The paper explores the interrogative and declarative ?? along with their characteristic features, meaning and their realizations in translation into English, with a special reference to the Quran. Fresh tides of thought have conquered me to clarify the semantics of ?? which often fetters trainee translators and students of translation when they- in vain- try to capture the exact meaning of each of them. It is hoped that this paper helps its readers gain practical mastery of some salient features of the Arabic language. It aims at developing readers’ level of linguistic competence.

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