EFL Students’ Views on Distance English Language Learning in a Public University in Turkey

Dilek Altunay


This study investigated first year Turkish EFL students’ views about learning English through distance education. The participants were on-campus students in a public university in Turkey who took compulsory English language courses through distance education. A total of 62 students from different majors were involved in the study. Data was collected through an 18-item online Likert-Scale questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. The questionnaire revealed that students did not have clear views about distance English language learning and that they preferred face-to-face instructional setting to learn English. Interviews revealed that students were happy with distance language learning setting because they liked flexibility of time and place, but they suffered from lack of equipment and technical problems. The study also revealed that students had problems with English language learning in general. New studies should be carried out with distance EFL learners on issues such as autonomy, motivation, academic procrastination, and technical and pedagogical support.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/selt.v7n1p121


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