The Dramatization of Children Literature Books for the Development of the Second/Foreign Language: An Implementation of a Drama-Based Project to Students of Primary School

Isaak M. Papadopoulos


This paper presents and outlines the design and implementation of a pilot program based on activities of dramatization of children literary books aiming at developing language skills of primary school students in English as a foreign language, participating in interactive, drama play and creative activities This project was implemented to students of the fifth grade of primary schools of Larissa (Greece) in a sample of 15 students. The collaboration, creativity, and the engagement with English literature were the main features of the program. The learning environment of the program was either the municipal center of creativity “Kalikatzoura Pasalidou” or the municipal gym. When the center of creativity was the place of learning, students analyzed the English children’s literature books, achieving the acquisition of the new vocabulary and participating in creative writing activities. When the municipal gym was the place of instruction, students participated in activities of performing theatrical plays developing spoken language and intonation of the words. The evaluation and feasibility of the program has been realized through a) a pre- and a post - test and b) by keeping a Journal by the teacher. It became so obvious that the particular application had a beneficial effect on the development of speaking and writing skills of learners and enhanced their motivation to participate in drama activities.

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