Emotions of L2 Learners in Different Contexts and Modes

Jill Waterman, Eduardo Henrique Diniz de Figueiredo, Kyria Rebeca Finardi


Considering the role of emotions in L2 use/learning and in different contexts and modes (online, hybrid, in-person), the present study aims to analyze and discuss the role of different emotions that emerged in those three contexts and modes. With that aim, we draw on two different sets of data produced as part of larger studies to discuss the role of emotions in online, in-person and hybrid settings in Brazil, Spain, the UK and the USA. Overall, results point to the need to address native-speakerism in L2 education as well as unpleasant feelings related to online learning and/or to abrupt transitions in learning modes.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/selt.v11n2p91


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