Pedagogical Principles, Practices and Preventives as Perceived by ESP Practitioners: Humanities in Focustitioners: Humanities in Focus

Reza Zabihi, Momene Ghadiri, Dariush Nejad Ansari


The aim of this research was to describe what Iranian ESP teachers believe to be the main pedagogical principles and what their perceived barriers seem to be. The examination of these principles and barriers were mainly based on the interviewees’ English background, followed by the elicitation of teachers’ beliefs about the main pedagogical principles of English Language Education in their department, their teaching practices inside the class, dilemmas and obstacles they faced with during their English teaching career and how they cope with or manage those dilemmas, and ended with their suggestions for improvement of English education in Faculties of Humanities. Data were subsequently transcribed, modified, analyzed and translated into English. The results properly reflected various perceived theoretical beliefs of ESP teachers regarding pedagogical principles as well as the obstacles which prevent them from following those principles.

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