Study of “Catalytic Functions” of the “Friend” Roles of The Analects in Business Dealings

Pengrong Chen, Yaqin He


In international business dealings, we inevitably encounter problems arising from cultural obstacles, which in business dealings influence us greatly. However, the influence of cultural barriers can be decreased by the role of friends in business dealings. Also, the discussion of the “friend” roles of The Analects gives us theoretical basis for helping us to overcome cultural barriers. Previous research has showed that nowadays business dealings are affected by cultural obstacles, but it is found that the “friend” roles of The Analects can help us, to some extent, to remove the obstacles in business dealings. This paper cited many examples of the “friend” roles of The Analects, and their excellent characters are illustrated. These characters help us to promote the common cause, strengthen business relations, extend the partnership, and enjoy the cooperation in business dealings. Therefore, according to the “friend” roles of The Analects, we can stimulate “catalytic functions” in business dealings.

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