The Grammatical Forms Connection between Writing and Speaking from EFL Perspectives

Mohammad Naser, Mohd Nazri Latiff Azmi, Kamariah Yunus, Hadir Alderaan


The goal of this research is to examine whether Saudi undergraduates who use certain grammatical forms in their writing are able to reproduce the same forms with similar accuracy in their speaking. The sample of the study comprised 180 EFL undergraduates’ (male/female) at the undergraduate level from the Institute of languages at the University of Tabuk. The researchers used varied research instruments including Holistic Proficiency Scores and grammatical Use and Accuracy. The data was analyzed using Pearson Product-Moment Correlation, and SPSS.

The findings of the research showed that there is a strong relationship between writing and speaking at varied proficiency levels (intermediate and advanced) but the beginners level revealed a noticeable difference in terms of writing and speaking proficiencies’ development in which some of these learners indicated better improvement in writing compared to speaking and vice versa. In relevance to the explicit existence of grammatical items and their use by beginner learners; they were shown to use a considerable number of these grammatical items in their writing, but revealed comparable accuracy in both writing and speaking. This study recommended that further future research should include a similar longitudinal study looking at how the relationship between speaking and writing may change over time for each individual learner, a finding that is merely hypothesized in the present study. Also, the present study investigates this problem through holistic proficiency assessment and grammatical use and accuracy.

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