A Review of Grammar Corrective Feedback: The Learning Experience in China’s English Classes

Junling Zhang


Grammar correction is a common means of instruction in second language classes. However, whether or not to conduct grammar correction is a controversial issue that has triggered researchers’ debates. In China, grammar correction can always be seen in English writing and oral classes. This paper reviews the fundamental theory of grammar correction and discusses the relative merits of grammar correction in the English teaching practice of China by analysing the author’s English learning experience. All in all, grammar correction is recommended as an important teaching method in China’s English classes for learners can benefit from the corrective feedback with proper instructing strategies. The correction with improper strategies will evoke learners’ negative feelings, but they may still extract useful information from it if the feedback itself is effective. Thus, teachers should not overlook or underestimate learners’ ability of self-reflection and autonomic learning during the process of grammar correction. Besides, it is of great concern for teachers to comfort learners’ emotion to ensure the effectiveness of grammar corrective feedback.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/selt.v8n3p127


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