Attempts of EFL Teachers at Kuwait University for Enhancing Their EFL Learners’ Oral Skills

Mohammad Almutairi


This study aims to investigate the attempts of six EFL teachers at various colleges and faculties of Kuwait University to develop their EFL students’ oral skills. In a qualitative method using semi-structured interviews, the EFL teachers described their students’ levels of English as very good or good, but they needed to encourage their students to use their oral English widely so that they could, therefore, improve it to better levels. The qualitative method was chosen to get in-depth details and information about the individual experiences of the experienced teachers. The findings showed that the participants used various strategies and techniques, such as using supplementary materials, using drama, listening to tape recorders, working in language labs, having group discussions (with or against), etc. The data also revealed that the improvement of oral skills of EFL students at Kuwait University had been successfully achieved.

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