A Study on the Teaching Mode of Integrating Value Cultivation with Critical Thinking in the Listening and Speaking Course for English Majors

Jinlin Gao


In order to solve the long-standing problems in English listening and speaking class, such as “Centralization of language knowledge and skills”; “Absence of critical thinking,” and “Separation of knowledge and affection”, this research put forward the model of Integrating Value Cultivation with Critical Thinking (IVCCT) (Note 1), which breaks through the traditional “Language-centrism” model. With values education as the core, this mode systematically cultivate the multi-competences in students, such as innovation, research, communication, cooperation and so on, through cross-cultural critical thinking activities, which will help the participants achieve the educational goals of integrating value shaping, knowledge transmission and competence cultivation.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/selt.v12n1p18


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