Problem-Based Learning in College English Teaching in the Internet Era

Minghui Long


In the internet era, the proliferation of accessible online resources has significantly transformed the landscape of college English teaching. Students now have unprecedented access to materials covering grammar, vocabulary, and background knowledge-traditional focal points of college English classroom teaching. If teachers remain their teaching focus on these aspects in the class, they risk rendering their teaching unengaging and fostering a passive learning attitude among students, which can detrimentally impact their overall English proficiency. On the other hand, current college students, due to the limitations of their previous English learning methods, often grapple with challenges in their English usage at various levels—lexical, syntactic, textual, cultural. These problems, which extend beyond mere accuracy and correctness, are frequently overlooked by students and can significantly hinder their effective use of the English language. In this situation, it is imperative to reform the classroom teaching of college English, targeting at the problems the college students often neglect by innovatively using the textbooks.

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