Investigation into the Negative Factors in English Vocabulary Acquisition of College Students

Tingting Wu, Jiying Fan


Vocabulary acquisition is the premise of learning language. In English learning, college students always feel perplexed and painful on acquiring English vocabulary. Therefore, this paper aims to analyze and reveal negative factors in English vocabulary acquisition of college students and put forward some countermeasures. Compared with previous studies, this paper comprehensively analyzes most of negative factors on English vocabulary acquisition and according to collected data, more concrete and practical measures are put forward to help college students acquire English vocabulary. Interviews and questionnaires are conducted in turn. Interviews with college students and teachers shows there are many factors that have an negative impact on vocabulary acquisition such as the influence of Chinese and culture, individual motivation, learning habits and teaching model. Questionnaire shows the difficulties and learning habits most students had as well as English teaching model they desire. Through questionnaire, it is found that low motivation is the most influential factor and there is a relationship between students’ grade and their motivation. At the end of this paper, some countermeasures are proposed to help students learn vocabulary more effectively.

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