Digital Technology in University Language Courses: Project Letras 2.0 at UFRJ

Claudio de Paiva Franco, Kátia Cristina do Amaral Tavares


Project Letras 2.0, which promotes research and teacher education by using digital technologies at the Faculty of Languages and Literatures (FLL) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), completed ten years in 2021. This paper intends to describe the goals of Project Letras 2.0 - UFRJ and discuss, through the lens of Activity Theory, some of the main conflicts and contradictions that have been or can still be perceived as opportunities for change and development. Therefore, this article may help shed light on debates on theoretical and practical debates about the use of digital technologies in language courses for undergraduate students who are being trained to be 21st-century language teachers. In addition, this paper also aims at encouraging discussions and further research on the use of digital technologies and the strategic adoption of hybrid classes in language courses in higher education.

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