L2 Expository Text Reading Instruction: A Graphic Organiser-Based Methodology

Michael Sharpe


A mixed method research design was employed to investigate the effects of using graphic organizers (GOs) to facilitate expository text comprehension in a college EFL reading context. Participants were two intact groups (n = 21, n = 31) of 1st year Japanese engineering undergraduates. Over a six-week study period, treatment group practiced using teacher-generated mapping templates when reading. Control group completed text-based comprehension questions. Treatment effects were examined by pre-and post-testing, to examine if using GOs transferred into quantitative improvements in learner comprehension. Treatment group also completed a survey on the efficacy of GO-based reading in improving reading confidence, understanding of rhetorical structure/organization, motivation and interest. Results showed there was high variability in both group’s scores on both tests. Although control group scored significantly higher on both (p < .05) tests, relative gains in the treatment group were significantly higher in non-parametric analysis. Survey responses indicated that using GOs had a positive effect in several areas.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/selt.v9n3p1


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