Language Learning Strategies Employed by Yemeni EFL Learners in Developing Their Spoken English: A Case Study of Aden University EFL Learners

Sabri Thabit Saleh Ahmed


Language learning is not a spoon-fed process in which learners get everything from their teachers. It is a student-centered process in which learners should play active roles and employ various learning strategies that help them enhance their target foreign language. For this reason, this study was designed to investigate the language learning strategies employed by the Yemeni EFL learners in developing their spoken English. Data were collected through a questionnaire that targeted 120 fourth-year EFL students of three faculties of Aden University. The results showed that the majority of the concerned students do not make a balance among their language learning strategies and they depend heavily on memory strategies. A correlation was found between students’ spoken English proficiency and the learning strategies they use in developing their spoken English in the favor of the students who make use of various types of language learning strategies. As per these findings, this study recommends Yemeni EFL learners to employ various effective language learning strategies to enhance their spoken English and not to limit their spoken English development to memory strategies. It also recommends Yemeni EFL teachers to guide their students to the effective language learning strategies that help them enhance their English.

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