Analysis of Family Values of the Two Generations of Godfathers in the Film The Godfather

Du Yanfeng, Yang Yang, Duan Manfu


The Mafia is a secret organization originated in Italy. Despite its notoriety in the world, there still are a great number of people who are interested in it. A large number of cultural works have been produced because of people’s infatuation and curiosity about Mafia culture. Take the film of The Godfather as an example, which is produced in 1972. This film has not only influenced millions of people, but introduced Italy Sicilian’s mafia culture to the whole world.

Indeed, people’s stereotype for mafia is blood, cruelty and brutality, however, the mafia also has another rational and warm look. This paper aims to make a more in-depth analysis of the classic film The Godfather from a new perspective of "family values" by grasping the historical background, cultural environment of the film and the life and destiny of Italian immigrants at the end of the WW II. In the process of analysis, this paper focuses on grasping the communication and contact between the main characters in the film, and analyzes the family warmth and love revealed in it.

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