The Design and Implementation of EFL Teaching Resource Database Based on AI Technology

Guohui Rao


Teaching Resource Database is of great help to EFL learning, especially in this information age. Nevertheless, traditional EFL Teaching Resource Database has some deficiencies, such as underuse of existing resources, inefficiency in information search, insufficiency in personalized service, and inconvenience in resource management. These drawbacks become hinderance to its utilization, as well as unfavorable factor for EFL learning. However, the EFL Teaching Resource Database Based on AI Technology can make a much better performance in terms of information retrieval, aggregation, processing and resource management and application. With the blessing of AI technology, the database is more intelligent and efficient than the traditional one. It can enhance learners’ interest and self-learning of English, strengthen co-construction of EFL resources, facilitate personalized use and promote communication among users. This is an example of how AI technology facilitates EFL learning, but more experiments and remedies are needed for its further improvement and it will be polished through more practice.

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