A Study on the Effect of Age on the Representation and Processing of Second Language Grammar Achievement

Mohsen Ashraf Ganjoee, Mehry Haddad Narafshan


Learners considering their age (children & adults) differ fundamentally, and these differences can affect the second language acquisition. This study aimed at investigating the effect of age on EFL learners’ grammar achievement. Oxford placement test was used to homogenize the participants. Based on the oxford placement test, the students were homogenized as the beginner ones and then they were distributed into two groups of children and adults each containing 50 students. In order to see the effect of age on EFL learners’ grammar achievement, oxford grammar test was used as a pre-test and post-test (simple present, present continuous & to be verbs) in both groups. The results revealed that there is not a critical period, but a sensitive period for second language grammar learning, and adults can show to be better learners in case of grammar achievement.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/selt.v4n2p223


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