News Translation from the Perspective of Functional Equivalence Theory in China Daily

Ying Sun, Ping Wan


Nowadays, with the trend of world political multi-polarization and the regional economic integration, international communication has become an essential way for the development of each country. News become indispensable to the public to acquire the information happened domestic and abroad everyday. Thus, accurate news translation based on different language backgrounds has become an important channel to get news. Give a broad overview of the current translation in Chinas current situation, the research field has been expanded since the 70s of last century. However, relative researches still have a long way to go. Eugene Nida, a contemporary famous American theorist in the field of translation, his functional equivalence theory becomes a continuous improved theory which has great significance of guiding the news translation practice.

This article mainly bases on Nidas functional equivalence theory and combines with the news language features to analyze China's most representative newspaper- China Daily. By analyzing vocabulary, syntax and discourse, we could explore the application of Nidas functional equivalence theory in guiding the practice of news translation. The study of Nidas functional equivalence theory not only guides news translation but also instructs other translation practice. Nidas functional equivalence theory is worthy of being studied.

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