Integrating Chinese Culture with Western Culture in EFLT Classroom

Yuti Ran


In the current climate of internationalization, intercultural communication is rapidly growing in importance. This paper firstly discusses the inappropriateness of current English teaching and the necessity on developing college learners’ intercultural competence on the basis of the research results on cultural awareness carried out among learners and teachers in universities home and abroad. Then it explores the teaching strategies on how to cultivate learners’ intercultural competence in EFLT classroom. By employing the techniques of presentation, analysis, discussion, comparison and contrast between Chinese culture and western culture in the teaching content, the learners can obtain the knowledge of both cultures, expand their cultural awareness, increase their tolerance of the existence of difference, understand the new and different cultural patterns and develop a perspective of cross-cultural awareness. This progressive procedure on integrating Chinese culture with western culture in EFLT classroom reinterpreted and extended the tradition procedure in culture teaching.

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