How do Chinese Tertiary EFL Teachers Recontextualize Target Cultures in a Teaching Skill Contest?

Ning Liu


One primary purpose of the teaching skill contests is to stimulate pedagogical renovation. Few empirical studies, however, observe how the contestants make renovations in these contests. The research reports on a preliminary discourse analysis of the 1st SFLEP Chinese national college English teaching contest, to lay focus on how the contestants disseminate target cultures in the contest. The research result reveals how the contesting teachers deal with the contextual constraints of the contest and renovate their cultural pedagogies.

The research analyzes a number of extracted video recordings for the contestants’ mock teaching by employing Eggins & Slade’s Conversational Analysis (CA) approach (Eggins & Slade, 2004). The research results reveal how these contestants deploy linguistic resources to shape their pedagogies within the contextual constraints in the contest.

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