Pre-Reading Activities and Iranian EFL Learner’s Performance in Reading Comprehension

Massoud Rahimpour, Mohaddeseh Hodaei, Davoud Amini


The present study is an attempt to investigate the impact of two different types of pre-reading activities of 1: glossary of unknown vocabulary items and 2:content related support on EFL learners’ performance on reading comprehension across low proficiency (LP) and high proficiency (HP) levels. 80 language learners with an age range of 18-28(male and female) participated in this study. Each level consisted of two experimental groups. One experimental group received glossary of unknown vocabulary items while the other group received content related support (in written form) with the aim of activating prior knowledge before administering reading comprehension questions. The results of the statistical analysis of the data revealed that two types of pre-reading activity and proficiency level shad positive effect on the learners’ reading comprehension. The study suggests that appropriate and relevant pre-task activities should be employed at different proficiency levels to facilitate and improve the learners’ reading comprehension.

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