MOOC in the Inverted CLIL Approach: Hybridizing English Teaching/Learning

Kyria R. Finardi, Nadia Silveira, Sebastiao Lima, Ana Rachel Mendes


The current digital society requires new approaches to the teaching of English as an Additional Language (EAL). This paper aims at proposing a combination of current blended approaches for the teaching of EAL. It describes a set of activities for an EAL blended course by adopting a Content and Language Integrated Learning approach (CLIL) through an Inverted Classroom approach (IC), alias Inverted CLIL (Finardi, 2015) with the use of a MOOC. It is believed that the integration of a MOOC through an Inverted CLIL approach to EAL may lead to meaningful language and content learning. In addition, it may contribute to the development of students’ autonomy, critical thinking and communication skills.

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